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What we believe in
Transforming food waste into sustainable good
The Problem
America creates 1.5M tons of grape waste annually

After processing, the grape waste, called pomace, is shipped back to the farms that share the processor. There, it is used as landfill. The pomace is acidic, and needs to be ph-balanced with lime. It also contains various microbes that needs to be killed with pesticides.

The rain interacting with the acidic pomace seeps though the earth into the the ground table where it flows into nearby rivers and lakes poisoning the local fauna.

The Solution
We turn grape waste into great products

We take the grape pomace, and with a special process produce seeds, and various flours composed of skin and seeds. The seeds and the flours are used to fortify foods, as a base for dyes and are great for the skin.

A SupER Food

2nd Highest level of polyphenols and antioxidants of all commonberries – exceeding blueberries and acai

Health benefits

High concentrations of nutrients associated with cardiovascular health, skin health, weight loss, anti-cancer and anti-aging


Derived products provide antioxidants, polyphenols, nutrients and dietary fiber for daily health needs


Common Concord and Niagara varieties have higher nutritional value than wine grapes

Supply and Demand
Market Facts

• 1.5 million tons of grapes pomace created annually

• FDA suggested daily consumption of nutrients in grape pomace requires 400k tons annually of grape pomace